TechnologyTips Radio Episode 016

Episode 16

This week on TechnologyTips Radio: Clip art, restore CDs, transferring large files, and modem problems.

Every Tuesday I appear on AM 640 Toronto (640 AM) on The Stafford Show. Mike Stafford is a good friend and long time host on the station and I started doing 30 minute live tech help calls (no prep, seat of the pants) with him in early 2005, then I was forced to take a break because of my schedule, but now I am back.

If you listen live on the Internet, the show airs Tuesdays at 6:30 PM Eastern Time.

Andy, Mike and callers cover:

  • Matthew wants to know if Office’s ClipArt is available free-of-charge. Yes, it is. He’s also the second person ever to read a software’s end-user license agreement, next to Andy, of course.

  • Mohammed’s Acer laptop came with restore CDs that don’t work very well to reinstall Windows XP. Andy’s how-to on the website give step-by-step instructions on how to fix a buggy install.

  • Mark has got spyware and anti-virus software installed, but his Dell system moves at galacial speeds, especially when he disconnects from his dial-up internet connection. It could be spyware, Andy says, but it can also be flakey modem drivers. Download new drivers from Dell, even if they aren’t broken. It usually improves performance.

  • Lucas has a laptop and wants to transfer large files between his desktop and portable PC. Andy says the best way is over a home network – forget using special USB cables.

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