• online store for ecommerce

    How does Shopify work?

    This page is designed to answer questions about the technology called Shopify. It is an ecommerce platform that makes it easy to launch an online store, so that you can sell products on the web direct to customers. It’s also designed to easily run their credit cards. If you want to understand the technology in depth, […]

  • what is vpn technology

    What is a VPN and how do I use it?

    Want to know the answer to the question: What is a VPN? Let’s first define the acronym. VPN is short for “virtual private network”. It is a privacy and security tool that securely connects one computer to another. A VPN eliminates the fear of being spied on or having your data snooped on by a […]

  • new password creation tips

    New password primer: How to create an unbreakable one

    Need a new password? An often overlooked but vital part of any computer user’s day-to-day life is creating secure new passwords every time they expire or when we create new accounts. But creating the perfect new password is tough, because they need to be memorable and yet un crackable. From debit card PINs to logging […]