FAQ: Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Outlook Express

This article is part of the TechnologyTips XP SP2 FAQ: Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Windows XP Service Pack 2, dubbed just simply SP2 by the software industry, improves security in lots of places in Windows XP including in Outlook Express, the free email program that comes with Internet Explorer.

First off SP2 adds a new feature to the email preview and full view windows. When you receive an email with images embedded in it, the program blocks the images from auto viewing. This helpful for several reasons. Primarily it stops you from viewing unsavory spam. No image is downloaded unless you click on a bar across the top of the email to show images in it.

The program also has an alert to let you know when other programs try to send email as if they were you. When this happens it can be indicative of a worm or spam program that is trying to send unauthorized email from your computer.

Options for both of these features can be access by clicking the Tools menu in Outlook Express then Options then the Security tab.

There is also a setting that specifies which sites are trusted and not trusted. This uses the settings In Internet Explorer

OE also will monitor attachments that are attached to emails that have arrived in your inbox and warn you before you open them.

Here’s a web site with more info about SP2 and its new features:
Windows XP Service Pack 2 Feature List