How to Buy a Computer

If you’re in the market for a new personal computer, now is a good a time as any to buy one. Why? Because the tech economy slump has PC makers scrambling to unload computers in a market of reluctant computer buyers. (If you’re ready to buy and just want some advice on buying computers on the Web, please go to our [[Buy On The Web]] section.)

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Here’s some info you may find helpful:

[[How to buy a small business PC in 2004]]: Leat about the features to consider when buying a computer for your small business or home office.

[[How to buy a laptop in 2005]]: Learn about the features to consider when buying a laptop computer, includes info about wireless networking options.

[[Computers 101]]: If you’re new to computers, here’s an overview of the parts inside a computer’s case.

[[Computers 102]]: Here’s an overview of what devices you might need to connect to the computer.

[[Deciding on a processor]]: Now you know what’s important, here’s how to decide which microprocessor (the brain of a computer) to choose, including the difference between a Pentium III, Pentium 4, Pentium Celeron, AMD Duron and AMD Athlon.

[[Tasks computers can do]]: Now you need to figure out what computer you should buy based on the tasks you expect it to do.

[[Sales Speak 101]]: How to beat the gobbledegook spouted by silicon snakeoil salespeople.

[[Computer worksheet]]: Here’s a printable worksheet to help you with your purchase. [[PDF version]] ([[Adobe Reader]]). [[RTF verison]] (Thanks to Deb and Judy for providing the RTF version)

[[On-line purchase]]: Where can I buy a computer on the Web?

More advice: We don’t sell computers, but we can recommend places to buy on the Web and various packages. Or if you’d like further advice, please e-mail our computer expert Andy Walker with your questions at: [email protected].

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