How to prep your system for online game play

Let’s face it online games are more fun because instead of interacting solely with a machine, we get to compete with live opponents. While game engines are pretty clever these days, they are still not up to snuff compared to real living breathing competitors.

So it stands to reason that chances are you are connecting to the web when you decide to get a little game play in, no matter what gaming theme you are into. Whether it’s a first person shooter game, simulation games, or even online gambling.

Here are five tips to ensure that your online gaming experience is top notch:

  1. Upgrade your hardware. When possible you want a lot of memory and processor speed. Upgrades are cheap are affordable these days. I go to my local tech fix guy here in Tampa, but there is  usually someone like him in every neighborhood these days.
  2. Make sure your web browser is up to date. If you are engaging in a game that is browser based then make sure that you have the latest version installed that the game company recommends. Typically that is Google Chrome these days. However check to ensure any browser you use, whether it is Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge (formerly Internet Explorer) is running its latest version.
  3. Install the latest version of Adobe Flash. Most games use Adobe Flash Player or advanced HTML technology to render game play, so check to ensure that the software is up to date  It’s free to download here. If you are using a third party game technology, be sure to check with the game maker to use the latest version of their software. Do not ignore any prompts to upgrade, if you are alerted.
  4. Reboot your IP modem before a gaming session. Even Internet hardware can slow due to bugs or poor connections, so a restart of any modem or router or server equipment before a gaming session is always a good idea so that you can count on a solid connection to the Internet.
  5. Shutdown all non essential software on your computer so that all system resources are dedicated to game play, and that there’s nothing running in the background that might.
  6. Clean your screen. Don’t let last night’s pizza crumbs smudge or smear your screen. When you get into the action every pixel matters with regard to your game play so a nice sparkling screen may seem like a small thing, but a wayward drop of pizza sauce could be the difference between misinterpreting a detail on screen and making a wrong move. Use a screen cleaner or wipe specifically for that purpose. Be sure to not dampen the keyboard or any other component when you do this.

Following these simple rules will ensure that your online gaming session is the best it can be. Good luck and have fun!