Do I really have to reformat and reinstall?

Q:To improve my PC’s performance, do I really have to wipe my hard drive and reinstall Windows? Or are there other strategies?

A: Reinstalling and reformatting is the best way to start fresh with your system and eliminate any ornery programs, spyware or viruses that might cause a slowdown or that compromise your system’s security.

Here are the key causes of system slowdowns and performance issues:

1) Is your computer slow?

It’s probably due to spyware infections. If you just have an antivirus program it’s not enough to protect your system. Spyware gets into the startup area of your system and uses memory so the system slows. Solve it easily with PC Tools Spyware Doctor as recommended by Andy Walker in his book Windows Lockdown!.

2) Poorly maintained system:

Over time the system gets messy. Junk fills up your registry. Unnecessary files clog the system. System is filled with junk data and unnecessary content. Fix it fast with Error Nuker. Install and try it to see if it find any errors before you buy it ($39.95).

3) Not enough memory

Your system should have a minimum of 1 GB of RAM to run efficiently. Click our Add Memory FAQ to find out how to check your system RAM and install extra memory easily.

4) Details, Details

Here’s a guide to more details about these tools and other that you can use to improve your system’s performance before reformatting and reinstalling Windows:

  • Clean Your Registry

    We also highly recommend cleaning your Windows registry. The registry is the electronic filing cabinet that keeps track of all the settings and software and other housekeeping data in Windows. When it gets clogged with unnecessary entries, your computer can crash or becomes unstable, scan your registry downloading Registry Booster. Here’s the link to start the free download (it’s safe.) We love this freebie scanner because it reveals so much and have bought it ourselves because its very effective.

  • System Repair Tool

    Try repairing your system with Error Killer. It’ll find and resolve issues that make your system crash or unstable. Use the free scanner to see if locates errors before you commit to a purchase and let it solve the problems. Also: Help cleans up startup routine to make your system boot faster and be more efficient with memory.

  • Scan for bugs

    Also try PC Bug Doctor. This excellent tool finds errors that are making your system crash then fixes them. See what state your computer is in. Linked here is a free try before you buy scanner so you can evaluate the product for yourself. Scan your system now with the PC Bug Doctor Scanner.

  • Scan for Spyware and Speed Up Your System

    Is your system running really slow? Is it acting weirdly? Spyware infections are the NUMBER ONE cause of computer slowdowns and crashes. They can also cause blue screens and weird errors and worse, they violate your privacy. See if spyware is a problem for you – do a free scan with the Spyware Doctor scanner to see if a spyware is a problem for you. This one of the best programs on the market to clean and prevent spyware fast and easily. And recommended in the book Absolute Beginners Guide to Security, Spam, Spyware and Viruses written by this site’s creator. Learn more about performance and security problems caused by spyware causes in our Anti-Spyware FAQ.

  • Use More Tools

    Finally, try Window Power Tools. It has a variety of utilities to speed up Windows, make the Internet load faster, cleanse memory and generally enhance the performance of your desktop. Download this suite of fix-it tools to try a fully functional version of the software for a month from Window Power Tools.

If you prefer to skip these techniques, there’s lots of advice in our Windows Reinstall and Reformat FAQ.

It has all the instructions on how to scrub your drive and start fresh afterwards.