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Oakley O ROKR Bluetooth Eyewear
Chris Ricci

Blue Tooth eyewear? no it’s not a medical condition. You don’t need to see your optometrist or your dentist. Actually, if you know something about this technology, your doctor might be calling on you for some advice.

Blue Tooth is actually a simple version of a wireless connection between devices such as laptops, cellular phones and headsets. Bluetooth version 2 allows for a wireless range of up to 33 feet (10 meters) in optimal conditions. As the technology becomes a mainstay in our daily lives, more and more gadgets popup with blue tooth capabilities. Enter the Oakley O ROKR Bluetooth Eyewear.

Eyewear that can play music, connect to your cellular phone to allow you to take calls, or anything else that callas for Bluetooth connectivity. These stylish glasses are right out of the Terminator movies!

With the growing concerns of eye protection from harmful sun rays and radiation, these have got you covered. They filter out 100% of harmful Ultra Violet/A/B and C. The lenses are also designed for optimal vision and clarity using something called HD Optics. Designed without a frame, the lenses are also side impact resistant. Ok, now on to the bells and whistles.
Integrated into the sides are the electronics. The most obvious feature is the fully positional ear phones or ear buds in this case. The right side of the O ROKR contains the controls for music, and the left side for communications functions. This means that you can play Mp3’s from your favorite blue tooth enabled device, and use a cellular phone. If your MP3 player supports Blue tooth Stereo Music streaming (A2DP) – which is a Bluetooth specification for transmission high quality audio – you can actually control your Mp3 player using the O ROKR glasses. Also supported in the O ROKR is the ability to control Bluetooth devices (AVRCP) which permits control of your MP3 player’s and cellular phone’s advanced functions, such as on, off, skip, previous, next, mute, volume up and down. Not to worry, all Bluetooth enabled mp3 player and phones will still work, however with only the most basic functions.

In addition to cranking the tunes (watch out for the volume…ear damage you know) you can answer inbound cellular phone calls too. If you happen to be listening to your favorite music, it’s just a matter of pressing the call button on the left side of the glasses to answer that call and mute the music. You can control functions such as mute the microphone, and end the call. The Bluetooth compatibility between your devices is all dependent on what Bluetooth profiles your phone and mp3 player supports. You can also purchase wireless stereo Bluetooth adapters for just about any mp3 player.

Manufacturer: Oakley
Price: $249 US
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Rating 3/5
Not your everyday eyewear. I don’t envision these being used during sports, but great for its dual purpose music/cellular features.