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Flash drives are all the rage in the high technology world these days. These portable storage devices are based on flash memory, called also non-volatile memory. Translated into normal language: your data is stored on memory chips that can be plugged into and unplugged from different computers and devices. Flash drives are the new floppy disk.

What makes USB flash storage drives so popular is their USB compatibility, their small size and large storage capacities. Compared to conventional 1.44Mb floppy disks, a 1 GB flash drive can store almost as much information as 700 floppies. Flash memory drives have no moving parts, and they don’t need drivers. It’s Plug-and-Play at its purest. On most modern computers the USB flash drive should mount automatically, although you may run into a situation that calls for a driver on systems that pre-date Windows XP.

USB flash memory devices use the USB port on your computer or laptop and require no external power source. They use the power of the host PC’s USB port. Newer flash drives now rival computer hard drives, and will eventually be used in the same type of hardware applications.

SanDisk is one of the leaders in flash memory technology and its Sandisk 2GB Cruzer Titanium Flash Drive just helps prove it.

The Sandisk Cruzer Titanium comes in two storage capacities of either 1 or 2 Gigabytes, with a potential data transfer rate of 15 Mb/sec. Earlier flash memory technologies were of course slower, and stored less information. Today, drives can store anywhere between 128 Mb and 64 GB worth of data.

The Cruzer drive is the newest generation of U3 Smart drives. U3 Smart ( drives include preloaded software and security features for common tasks like storing your e-mails, personalizing settings; desktop wallpaper; password storage; and even a master password to protect the drive itself. You can take your home PC or work PC’s desktop with you, plug it into any USB-capable system and have all your files and settings recalled in an instant. When you’re done, simply unplug the drive to keep all your information. You leave nothing on the host PC. It’s completely secure and safe.

The Cruzer is portable and carries preloaded software, making it very convenient. On top of it, it’s also tough and sexy. The manufacturer claims that this drive can withstand up to 2000 lbs of crush force – the weight of a small car. The Cruzer Titanium has a retractable USB connector and a blue activity light in the retractor switch. It comes with a lanyard and a metal guard to protect the retracting mechanism. It seems to be missing a cover for the actual USB socket itself, which may be prone to dirt and other objects.

Some of the U3 preloaded software includes Skype, Avast Anti Virus, Signup Shield Password, and a range of product tours and help files. Of course, if you prefer, you can also completely format the drive and use it as a regular portable storage device.

  • Manufacturer: SanDisk

  • Price: $74.99 US

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  • Rating: 4/5

  • Reviewer’s comment: A portable, durable and useful little device, chock-full of features and software. Perfect for the multi-PC user!