CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner 3

CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner 3

Reviewer’s Rating of CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner 3: 4 out of 5


CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner 3 is a registry repair application for Windows computers. Think of a filing cabinet that contains all the information on the hardware, software, system settings and operating system of your computer. All this information is accumulated and stored in the Windows registry. Be sure to take a look at Clean your Windows registry for a more in-depth review of the registry.

Each time you add a new application, browse the Internet, create new files, information is collected in the registry. That information is not kept in order. This can decrease your computer’s performance. You ought to clean up that filing cabinet periodically. CleanMyPC Software’s CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner 3 is the application that will help you do just that.

Pros of CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner 3:

This is a small program that is easy on your system RAM. Scanning the registry for errors and correcting those errors is fast and quick. The program interface is easy-to-use and -understand for computer users of any level. It has a registry defragmenter to compact and consolidate the registry.
CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner 3
When installing the application, you are prompted to make a back up of the registry.

Cons of CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner 3:

When scanning the registry for error and subsequently repairing errors, this application utilizes a major portion of the CPU. Some call it a CPU hog, I noted upwards of 80-90 percent CPU use. You are not prompted to make a back up of your registry when scanning for errors and then repairing them. The bouncing icons in the left-hand column are distracting, too. The registry error descriptions could be written in a language that is easier to understand. Read this example, “Key: HKCRCLSID{FFD709F0-AF39-11D2-B854-0000F81E8872}
ValueName: AppID
Value: {FFD709F0-AF39-11D2-B854-0000F81E8872}
The AppID {FFD709F0-AF39-11D2-B854-0000F81E8872} referenced in this entry doesn’t exist.” That left even me confused. There is no need for the application to call home after scanning registry.


A simple and easy-to-use registry cleaner that gets the job done. Could be better if it prompted the user to make a back up of the registry before repairing, plus it tries to call home via the Internet after a registry scan is completed.

  • A trial version is available for download. This trial version permits the end user to perform 10 registry corrections per scan. The application stops working after 15 days, so you’ve got to buy it for continued use.
  • You can get it now.

Price: US$29.95 via Internet download.

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