Clear out autocomplete bug

Question: I tried to clear the autocomplete URLs in Microsoft Explorer, but it doesn’t work. Any ideas?

Answer: There seems to be a bit of bug in Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6.0.

When you go to the Tools menu, then Internet Options, then Content, then click the AutoComplete button there’s an option ot “clear forms”. This is designed to stop Internet Explorer from guessing the correct URL when you type it. You may not want it to do this if it suggests some illicit site you may have visited.

However, some people may find that this doesn’t work. So here’s how to overcome the problem.

There’s file on your computer called index.dat. It allows Microsoft Windows to find Web files faster. It is an index containing names of files that have been stored in the “Temporary Internet Files” folder. These files are usually either Web pages that have been visited using your computer or images viewed on the Web that appear on those visited Web pages.

To view or delete the contents of the index.dat files on your computer, you can use a free program called Index Dat Spy.

Here’s how to locate the index.dat files on your computer:

In Windows 95 and 98:
Click your START button, then Find, next “Files or Folders”. A box will appear. In the “Named:” field type index.dat . In the “Look in:” field click the down arrow and choose “My Computer”. Check off the “Include subfolders” box. Then click “Find now”.

In Windows XP:
Click START , then Search then “For Files and Folders”. Next click “All Files and Folders” then type in index.dat in the “All or part of the file name” box. Under the “Look in” option choose “My Computer”. Then click “More advanced options” and check off “Search system folders” as well as “Search hidden files and folders”.

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