Good old DOS to the rescue

I am wondering if I can use FDISK/mbr to rebuild my master boot record while retaining all the information on the drive. — HS

Answer: Yes, you can rebuild your master boot record that way and all the information on the drive will be retained. MBR is an acronym for Master Boot Record. It’s a little program that runs when a computer starts up. It finds which part of the hard drive is in charge and hands off the start up processes to it. Usually, the MBR is on the first sector (or chunk of storage space) of a hard drive. When it runs, it figures out which partition on a hard drive to use for booting. Then it passes off control to the boot area on the primary partition (usually the C: drive) and promptly goes back to sleep.

H.S. wants to delete and re-create the MBR with a DOS program called FDISK, using a switch. A switch is designated by a forward slash ( / ). At the DOS prompt, he’d type “FDISK/mbr” and a new MBR would be created.

There’s a particular variant of a computer virus that delights in infecting the MBR. Using FDISK/mbr will overwrite an infected MBR.

If you suspect that the MBR is damaged, a more powerful tool like Hard Drive Mechanic might be required.

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