How to set up a dual booting PC easily

Question: I want to set up my computer so I can dual-boot between Windows 98 and Linux. What do I need to do? —M.G.

Answer: Get yourself a copy of PowerQuest’s Partition Magic, which comes with a utility called BootMagic. You’ll need to partition the hard disk into two virtual drives. It’s like having two hard drives, but they exist on one physical hard drive. So one drive will be called “C:” and another could be called “D:”, for example.

Then use Boot Magic to add a boot-up routine that will allow you to start your machine from either virtual drive. You can install Windows 98 on one and Linux (newbie note: Linux is a free operating system for expert users) on the other.

The competition is called System Commander.

More information about Partition Magic is here.

More information about System Commander is here: