IEEE 1394

This port helps computer users transfer large amounts of data very quickly. Usually camcorders and other video equipment use this port to get data onto a computer.

Data can move across the port at up to 400 megabits per second. Apple invented this technology and called it FireWire.

This technology was also adopted as an industry standard IEEE 1394a. Sony calls this technology i.Link. Creative Labs, who incorporated it into their SoundBlaster Audigy Platinium products, calls it SB 1394 (shown here).

There are two varieties of IEEE 1394: 4-pin and 6-pin. The 4-pin connectors (usually i.Link) are smaller and, if needed, require a separate power source. The 6-pin connectors, like the one shown, also provide power to connected devices. Devices with IEEE 1394 connectors can usually be hooked together to connect up to 63 external devices to a single IEEE 1394 port.

In 2002, Apple introduced faster (800 mbps) FireWire technology called FireWire 800. This is also known as IEEE 1394b. IEEE 1394b uses a 9-pin connector.

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