Keeping your registry clean

Did you know? A newer review of this software title is available: Uniblue’s RegistryBooster 2

Computer maintenance is like cleaning out the garage: you just don't do it until you absolutely have to. You know the time has come when your computer starts showing you error messages, unexplained crashes occur, or there is a noticeable decrease in performance. A common cause for these kinds of issues is simple. Something is wrong within the Windows registry.

The registry is a database which contains all the settings for applications and programs located on the computer. It serves as a filing cabinet for the operating system. Incorrect or incomplete removal of software often creates invalid registry entries. This could lead to system errors, hanging/freezing, random crashes. It can even corrupt the entire operating system. As these problems continue to pile up, computing processes are compromised and performance drops dramatically. In the computing business, speed and performance are essential.

In order to restore your lackluster abacus to a technological marvel, try Registry Booster by Uniblue. Registry Booster uses advanced calculations to detect and identify problem areas. With a simple mouse click, the application scans the registry and displays a list of errors. The user can individually select items to fix, or to repair the registry as a whole. There is also an option to back up your registry and restore it later if need be. That is a highly desirable feature for any product that modifies the registry.

As an additional option, the program allows the user to optimize the registry. This procedure further scans the registry, and compacts the data by reorganizing the files. This happens much the same way as defragmenting the hard drive. A highly-organized registry further increases computing performance. The program also allows for selective continuous monitoring of files within the registry as the user adds or deletes applications and data to or from the system.

When used regularly as part of a preventative maintenance program, Registry Booster allows the casual, as well as the advanced, user to keep their computer running at its optimum performance levels. An error-free registry also means a more stable operating system, keeping crashes to an absolute minimum, thereby reducing the chance of crucial data being lost at a critical time.

Reviewer's rating: 4.5/5

Comments: A trial version is available for download. The trial version permits the user fifteen registry scans before requiring purchase for continued use.

Price: 29.95(U.S.) via Internet download and 39.95 (U.S.) for boxed edition, $45.75 (Canadian) for boxed edition.