LabRats #008: What is RAID, and how it can help you

RAID helps kill weeds. That’s pretty useful. But a computer RAID is at least as useful. Hidden behind the acronym for Redundant Array of Independent Disks, it helps safeguard your data in case your hard drive goes bonkers and make your system – generally – more reliable.

Hard Drive

It’s used mostly by businesses that would rather invest in RAID equipment than lose data known also as mission-critical (that comes straight from NASA’s lingo).

But the fact RAID increases a computer’s storage capacity, while also increasing its speed and stability and serving as data backup has attracted the gamer community’s attention.

Rightly so, say Andy Walker and Sean Carruthers, demonstrating the gadget’s unique capabilities using a unique set of sandwiches.

Of course, not all is gold that glitters, and RAID is no exception. Still …

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