LabRats #011-1 at Macworld: Mac goes Intel

Intel has bent over backward to win Apple’s business – and, eventually, it did. It’s become the biggest splash at the 2007 Macworld in San Francisco. The best news: Mac computers will now equal PCs so far as speed is concerned. They will be even able to run Windows.

So, does that mean we can expect a white-flag-raising ceremony over at Microsoft HQ in Redmond? Ah, not so fast, guys, not so fast. First of all, it takes more than a new, faster machine, to break the almost impenetrable Microsoft monopoly.
Lab Rats Episode 11.1
And, secondly – and sadly for Mac enthusiasts – faster doesn’t mean better. One of the issues: not all of the Mac applications will work on the new, Intel-based machines. So, it’s going to take some time before it’s safe to and get one. One can expect Apple to fix the problem, even if one would have expected Apple to have it fixed BEFORE the release, but that’s business for you. Whether it’s smart business remains to be seen. And there’s also the question of the new box’s battery life. Apple has been mum on the subject, not a good sign.

Other than that, three cheers for Apple and Intel’s decision to get married at long last.

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