Office icons don’t match their programs.

Question: I am running Windows 95 and Word 6.0. I’m upgrading Word 6.0 to Word 97. In the Start menu, I’m having problems with the group of programs under Microsoft Office.

The following programs, when I click on them, execute to Microsoft Excel: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Excel (which is correct). After looking at each I have noticed that the icon is the Excel icon.

Somehow, the kids must have managed to do. . .something. When or how is unknown. It must have happened pretty easily, because they are not too familiar with Windows Explorer. Regardless, how can I get back the correct icons and get each of the programs to each run properly? — Tampered With

Answer: Simply do the upgrade that you’ve already mentioned. It will correct any problems you have with the icons. If you’re not ready to upgrade, just reinstall the version of Microsoft Office that you already have.