Program helps you slice files into manageable bits.

Question: On a number of occasions over the last few months, I’ve downloaded files from the web that are larger than a floppy disk can hold. Once I’ve unzipped the file, if I want to keep the original around I have to keep it on my hard drive, which is a waste of space. I can delete it to save the space, but it seems that, the moment I delete it, that’s when I need it.

I really don’t want to invest in one of the external storage devices such as a zip drive, nor do I want to get a larger hard drive. What I really want is to be able to use my existing floppy drive to back up large files so that they span over more than one floppy. Is there a way to do this? –D.A.

Answer: What you’re looking for is the old saw-the-lady-in-half trick — for computers. You’ll find that very ability in Concat, which is a piece of shareware out of England from a company called “JD Design”.

Concat allows you assemble multiple files into one and slice ‘n’ dice one file into multiple pieces. It’ll even let you cut a file into chunk sizes that you specify, including different floppy disk capacities, including 1.2 Meg or 1.44 Meg.

It’s a Windows 95 application, although the company’s web page says Concat and its other shareware utilities will function on NT 4.0. For more information or to download Concat check out:

(By the way, here’s a juicy geeky word: Concat probably takes its name from the word “concatenate” which means “to unite together in a series” — like the disks that will hold your larger files. Throw that one around at the next party.)