Screensavers bother you? Get rid of them!

Question: Why can’t I delete screen savers? Or is there a back-door trick that I haven’t figured out yet?. Or can I delete screen savers at all? –Pete

Answer: If the screensavers you want to delete are the ones that came with Windows, then there is a “back door” where you can delete them.

  1. Under Start > Settings > Control Panel, there is an applet called Add/Remove Programs.
  2. Choose the Windows Setup tab, and then click on Accessories, and then the Details button. A list of Accessories will appear.
  3. Scroll down to Screensavers, select it, and click Details again. You’ll get a list of screensavers.
  4. Uncheck the screensavers you don’t want, then click OK three times, and Windows will remove them from your system.

(By the way, this a is a great way to free up space on a system. Browse all the items on this tab and uncheck anything you don’t use regularly. Removal of Online Services, Web TV, and Games are a good way to reclaim some space.)

On the other hand, if you want to remove screensavers that came as a separate software package, like the flying toasters that come with After Dark, then individual screensavers can be added and removed with the screensaver program itself. If After Dark is installed, it would appear under Start > Programs.

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