Speed up a slow computer

If you system is running very slowly and takes a long time to boot up, here is a quick guide to understand what’s going on and solve the problem:

Symptom: Very slow startup

You computer takes forever to start up and be ready to be used.

Cause: Unwanted programs, spyware infections, not enough physical memory

Lots of programs loaded on start-up. Dozens of these are added when you install new programs. There can also be spyware, adware and viruses in this area slowing the system down and causing trouble on your PC. Chances are – if you system is slow – you likely have these slowing and invasive infections.

What can I do to fix it?

Four things:

  1. Edit the Start up area manually to remove unwanted programs. Optimize your startup with this video tutorial.
  2. Use system tools to help you edit the startup routine. Try this system scanner
  3. Scan with an anti-spyware program and remove unwanted infections. See two recommended anti-spyware products below.
  4. Add system memory to give the computer more to work with. All systems these days should have a minimum of 1 gigabyte of RAM (system memory) and 2 gigabytes preferred. Learn how to add memory.
What tools can I use?
  1. Registry Booster
  2. Webroot Spy Sweeper
  3. CA Antispyware
  4. More tools in our Spyware FAQ