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Worms, trojan horses, macro viruses, boot sector viruses….it can be rather dangerous to be a computer user these days, especially if you share data with other people or download software from the Internet. The danger isn’t exactly targeted towards you, but towards your data which, in some cases, can be destroyed. So, the TechnologyTips Anti-Virus Center is here to provide help in protecting yourself against viruses.

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The Fugitive Game introduces Kevin Mitnick moments before the fugitive hacker surrenders himself to FBI agents who have located him with the help of the so-called cybersleuth, Tsutomu Shimomura. More…

Books on Hackers and Virus Writers

— Cyberpunk — Outlaws and Hackers on
the Computer Frontier – Read the review

— Masters of Deception — Read the review

— The Hacker Crackdown : Law and Disorder on
the Electronic Frontier – Read the review

— At Large: The Strange Case of the World’s
Biggest Internet Invasion – Read the review

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