TechnologyTips coupon: SpeedUpMyPC 3

It happens to almost all of us sooner or later: You realize that the computer you love just isn’t what it used to be. It’s not that old but it’s sluggish, it’s slow, it seems… well, tired.

You’ve run anti-virus and anti-spyware checks and everything’s fine, but it’s still dragging its feet. What could be making it act that way?

The answer is, lots of things — a hard drive that’s getting filled with stuff you don’t need anymore, temporary files from zillions of internet sessions, your RAM’s performance, settings that should be tweaked because of other changes you’ve made, programs that are starting every time you turn the PC on whether you need them or not, and on and on. It all adds up over time to diminished speed and wobbly performance.

Before you cringe, though, thinking you have to run test after test and conduct fix after fix, finish reading this short article. You’ll be relieved and you’ll be ready.

SpeedUpMyPC 3 is the answer. Install this jewel and let it optimize your system. It monitors the way your system is running and makes adjustments to ensure it’s performing at its peak.

With its user-friendly interface and enhanced functionality, it takes the stress out of getting the most out of your PC’s resources. Whether you’re a novice and frankly a little intimidated by all the things that could need to be done, or a pro who prefers spending time doing other things, SpeedUpMyPC 3 can smooth things out for you.

To make it even easier, has arranged a 10% discount with Uniblue, the company that created SpeedUpMyPC 3. The coupon code is CYBERSP10%. All you have to do to take advantage of it is click:

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