Tools that are helpful for any computer user

There are many bad things that can happen to your computer, but most of the time, the problems aren’t hard to fix. Also, you can stop many problems from happening in the first place. If your computer is working slowly or behaving erratically, check out the tools listed below for a fix. You’ll find software that will tweak your settings to improve deteriorated performance, software that removes malicious programs, and scanners that can point out problems to you.

System Optimization

These programs will improve the performance of your computer by removing old settings, files, and programs that could be slowing you down. Evidence Eliminator even helps you securely delete unwanted files.

Anti-Virus Scanners

Viruses are harmful, destructive programs that run secretly on your system. They also try to spread to other computers over the Internet. The programs in the list below will remove viruses from your computer and keep them from coming back.

Anti-Spyware Utilities

Spyware is hidden software that runs on your computer that monitors what you do on the Internet and sends that information to a third party. Spyware can result in an increased number of popups and ads. Most spyware is installed inadvertently with another piece of software. The tools listed below will help you find and eliminate spyware on your computer.

Security Scanners

Use these online tools to scan your computer for security vulnerabilities.