TweakUI: What It Is and Where to Get It

Question: I know that Tweak UI does not come with Windows 98 Second Edition, but how can I get it? –Ezrdr

Answer: Powertoys, which contained the Tweak UI utility, is a free kit that helps you enhance the operating system with some nifty tools. It is still downloadable for Windows 95 on Microsoft’s website’s area forWindows 95 Power Toys.

The Powertoys for the original Windows 98 and Windows 98 Second Edition are on the product CD, in a file folder called reskit in the Tools folder (they are not available from the Microsoft website). Install them by double-clicking using the setup.exe program in the reskit folder on the CD.

Windows 95 and Windows 98 (original) both had a tool called TweakUI. Win98 SE doesn’t have this tool. Microsoft says TweakUI for Windows 95 or the first Windows 98 was not tested with Windows 98 SE. A Microsoft Canada spokesperson said they don’t recommend using TweakUI with Windows 98 SE. It may not work properly. Apparently it caused some minor problems on certain PC configurations.