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It can happen to any one of us, from novice to top expert: our computer gives up on us. We DO tend to take these things rather personally. Your computer could have given up on improperly installed hardware. Or it could have given up on software it doesn’t like. But we all seem to think it’s given up on us, and it has done so (see: Laws, Murphy’s) just when we needed it the most.

The worst part? In the relationship between yourself and this inanimate object, it’s almost always your computer that turns out to be the boss.

Sure, you can always try to read your user manual. Good luck. Mostly, this is literature composed for those who have way too much time to spare on their hands. It is composed in a language some generous people might even consider comparing to English. But the plot and character development … well, frankly, we don’t plan to discourage you from reading your user manuals, but – as we all know – from time to time, we need a solution faster and we need one that’s more easily understandable.

Which is where TechnologyTips.com comes in.

If it’s straightforward advice you want, coupled with straightforward explanations of the problems you have just encountered, and all that in plain, straightforward English, you’ve come to the right place.

Andy Walker is one of the leading technology writers on this continent. And he’s surrounded himself with the best (and young) talent a good adventurer could ever hope to assemble.

For TechnologyTips.com IS an adventure. It is an adventure for those who are writing, compiling and editing it, and, most importantly, it should be one for you: by finding these pages, you will embark on a journey that will teach you that your computer, actually, is nothing more than your tool and that it’s here to serve you.

And TechnologyTips.com is here to make sure you know how to make it serve you even better.

Our opening links will help you see how TechnologyTips.com can be of help almost immediately. They reflect the main issues one can ever encounter while computing … see the top bar, right below the banner. RAM problems are here, security challenges are over there, and so on. Articles based on topics, as well as links to our Tech Help Forums, useful software and other related material, are right below these words.

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Easy? We sure hope so.
Happy computing!

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