What do ACL files do? Do you need them?

Question: My three-year-old turned off the PC while I was working on an AutoCad file. After restart, the PC prompted me that it was unable to link two files with an ACL extension. I randomly linked them to the file manager, which then caused it to be opened twice every time the PC is turned on. To save the annoyance, I deleted the two files. Are these two files important? If so, how can I restore the damage that I have made? –Winnie

Answer: ACL files are “Auto Correct List” files. They’re used by Microsoft Office 97 to auto-correct spelling mistakes. They’re auto-generated by Office, so a simple reinstall of Office should work fine. If you do it through the Add/Remove Programs applet in the Control Panel, it should be relatively painless. There’s more information about ACL files on Microsoft’s web site at support.microsoft.com.