LabRats #011-2 at Macworld: Mac ware for the masses

Lab Rats Episode 11.2

Macworld attendees include enthusiasts who would never so much as think a bad word about their Apple darlings, as well as computer enthusiasts who take in everything with a jaundiced eye of seasoned critics and cynics.

Sean Carruthers and Andy Walker talk to some experts who explain all the rage about (and behind) RAW photography, mobile hard drives, pluses and minuses of other Mac-related software and where the industry is going, in general.

You will even hear a reasoned opinion that proves that it was the iPod technology that had saved Apple Corp. from ruin and that using Intel chips is, after all, not such a big deal as Apple Corp. would have you believe. Whether they are right or not, that would be left to others to decide, but it would be worth everybody’s while to at least know about them.

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