LabRats #010-2: Viva Las Vegas!

USB Phone

Taking us from the Hoover Dam, the place that powers a lot of the gadgets they are about to show us, Andy and Sean continue with their explorations of what’s new on the market.

A cell phone and a camera we know. But that combination, plus a Walkman on top of it, and still as small as the smallest cell phone? Out of this world.

A phone that hooks up to your phone line and to your computer via USB? Why? Oh, so you can use a regular phone line or go wild and use as a SKYPE phone.

What will you need hydrogen fuel cells for? So you can no longer run out of power at the most embarrassing moment. Your camera will run much longer because the cell will help recharge its battery and give you a warning at the same time. The same goes for any other equipment that runs on batteries.

Ever heard of Surface-conductive electron-emissive device? It’s SED for short, and it’s a new kind of display from Toshiba in cooperation with Canon. What the screen does, it responds faster to the signals it gets, and the result is a better image.

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