Make XP look and work like Vista

If you want the look and feel of Windows Vista, but don’t have the extra CPU, memory and graphics power to run it, you can simply transform your XP computer to work and look like Vista.

Below we show you how, but also check out How to transform XP to Vista (episode #77) at

Here’s how:

1) Aero for XP: Install the Vista Transformation Pack – This free utility adds a new look and feel to XP that mimics Vista. Includes wallpaper, icons and even a sidebar applet that looks like the Vista Sidebar. Get it from PC World

2) Anti-spyware for XP: Install Microsoft Defender. Its’ the anti-spyware program that comes built into Windows Vista. It’s available for free from Microsoft.
Or instead, use the better performing WebRoot SpySweeper ($).

3) On demand search for XP: Install Google Desktop from This will give you search function like Vista that produces results as you type.
Or alternately use the Yahoo Desktop Search (formerly X1).

4) Two-way firewall for XP: Add a two way firewall to XP with the free PC Tools Firewall Plus from PC Tools

5) User Account Control for XP – While its not quite UAC, the free WinGuard Pro gives your XP machine similar password-protected functionality. Get it from Softpedia.