Save up to 25% off with our August 07 coupons


This month, the TechnologyTips team has found three great products and located three discount coupons that go with them so you can save some money.

1) Save $5 on Webroot’s Spy Sweeper

This award-winning software will protect your system from spyware and adware and remove existing infections. It’s so effective it was mentioned in Andy Walker’s book Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Security Spam Spyware and Viruses.

How to get the coupon: Spy Sweeper is available to try: Click to start SpySweeper trial download, but if you like it and want to purchase it, remember to use this $5 off Buy Now link to get the discount.

2) Get 15% off DriverHQ’s Driver Detective.

Driver Detective helps you keep your system updated and stable with the latest drivers. It scans your system and shows you what drivers (and software) are out of date and provides links to free updates.

How to get the coupon: Driver Detective is available for trial download here. If you like it and want to purchase Driver Detective, remember to use this 15% off coupon code: CYBE-B1Q3 when filling out the order form.

3) Get 25% off Any to Icon

Have you ever wanted to create your own icons for your computer? Icons are the little symbols you click on to start a program. Turn any image or photo into an icon your can use on your PC with this handy and fun utility. Click to get more information about Any to Icon.

How to get the coupon: You can purchase it here. Be sure to fill the coupon field on the page with CYBE-T2UV-ACPN to get your 25% discount.

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